I spent six years interning for some of the top designers in the world and had the privilege to study at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. I was quickly becoming a part of the fashion industry, but I yearned for something more. My passion wasn't to be a buyer like I'd dreamed of when I graduated high school. My mission was to help people, inspire people, & eventually make a positive impact on the world. I decided to further my education with a Masters Degree in Public Administration where I learned the fundamentals of starring a nonprofit organization. That's when my passion for philanthropy & fashion came together, but some questions remained.

What if I can't get designers to get involved? What if another nonprofit is already doing this? What if I can't make this nonprofit work?
I changed those negative questions of "what if" to positive questions of "what if".
What if designers care about our youth's future? What if individuals want to donate their unused clothing? What if this nonprofit could change the world of education and give children access to the resources they're lacking?

So now here I am, building The Fashion Foundation into a sustainable nonprofit organization. Where individuals, designers, retailers, and even people who don't care about fashion, can come together to make a change.

Whether you're purchasing one of our $3 tops, attending our events, or sharing our social media sites to help us spread the word, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Take a stance and get involved, because TOGETHER we can make a difference... one designer handbag at a time.