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A look into the world of The Fashion Foundation, featuring all merchandise that's been donated to us to support our mission!

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An inside look at ReStyled Issue 1

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Editor's Note

When the idea was brought to me to create a lookbook for The Fashion Foundation, I loved it, but I thought, "Let's take it one step further and create a mini magazine." Now, here we are with our very first issue of ReStyled!


Annette and Danielle's vision for the photo shoot was to bring us back to the days of the 1960s and 1970s with vintage vibes, which perfectly aligned with The Fashion Foundation’s mission to provide our students with basic school supplies.


Remember the days of limited to no technology? When something as simple as a coloring book and a new pack of crayons made us smile? That's still the case for many of the students we serve.


Our students' faces light up with a smile when we hand them anything, from a new backpack to a clean shirt, to a jump rope.


If you’re not familiar with The Fashion Foundation yet, then welcome! I started this organization at 23-years-old when I was in the fashion industry. I constantly saw brands with excess merchandise and samples that they didn’t know what to do with lying around in their showrooms.


Now, The Fashion Foundation serves as a platform for brands and designers to easily donate that merchandise to. With the funds raised from our online shop, New York showroom, events and donations, we provide local underprivileged students with new school supplies, art supplies, gym equipment, holiday gifts and more!


So just like the simplicity of life years ago, our mission is simple:

Using fashion to provide school supplies to local students in need.

xo Amanda

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Welcome to ReStyled

All of the merchandise featured in ReStyled has been donated to The Fashion Foundation to support our mission!


Amanda Munz

Creative Diretor

Annette Gaitan

Fashion Director

Danielle DeFazio

Special Thanks To

The Williamsburg Hotel for donating their beautiful venue for this photo shoot!


Kevin Aponte


Leonard Collier


Joseph Jungermann


Chelsea Holzer


Dana Weiner


Mame Damey

All of our fashion industry supporters who support our mission by donating product they no longer need. The Fashion Foundation exists because of your support!

So far we've impacted over 7,000 students in New York because of every single brand, designer and supporter who believes in our mission.

Annette Gaitan

"What initially charmed me most about The Fashion Foundation is Amanda's passion for providing a better future for the younger generations. Because of The Fashion Foundation and Amanda, so many underprivileged students are provided with the tools to further their education without limitations. It is an honor to be on the committee for such a genuine foundation that uses fashion, one of my own passions, to help make a difference in students' lives."

Danielle DeFazio

"I've been with The Fashion Foundation for four years and it's such a rewarding experience. Though styling photo shoots and planning for glamorous galas are fun, my favorite memories will always be seeing our students smile when we provide them with even the simplest school supplies."

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Earrings Starting at $5

Purchasing one pair of earrings for $5 can provide a coloring book to five students.

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SHOES for the soul

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We love the end of the school year! Why? It's because we do a lot for our partner schools during this time!

One of our favorite school programs to support is field days. When one of our schools invited us to their field day in 2016, we watched the elementary students play with old, broken sports equipment. We watched a girl's

hula hoop break apart mid air and it tugged at our hearts seeing our students not have something as simple as a functional hula hoop.

Ever since that day, we've donated to many of our school's field days giving all of their students matching t-shirts, hula hoops, jump ropes, kickballs, potato sacks for races and so much more so that the children could have a fun day to remember for years to come.

One pair of $25 shoes can provide a new jump rope to 25 students.

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One Dress, Two Ways

Invest in staple pieces for your wardrobe that you can style multiple ways! Take this classic red dress for example. First, we paired it with python pumps, white gloves and a metallic silver clutch for an over-the-top look. Then, we switched it up and paired it with a classic pair of strappy heels and a simple pearl bracelet. Now you have two outfits for two different occasions!

Purchasing one $20 dress can provide a new backpack to 4 students!

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"This outfit is a power suit with a feminine twist! Not only do the florals and bright necklace make a statement, but so does the impact this outfit provides. That's the ultimate win-win!"

- Danielle, Fashion Director


Can provide hula hoops to 5 students.


Can provide 12 canvas panels for students to paint.


Can provide 1,200 sheets of construction paper to an art class.


Can provide a class pack of 400 crayons to a school.

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The story of the green socks

In 2018, a company donated 1,069 pairs of these green socks to support our mission!

We thought, "What are we going to do with all of these green socks?"

Turns out, people love green fuzzy socks! These have become our best selling item so far!

Purchasing one pair of socks for $5 can provide a clean shirt to a student.

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Handbags starting at $5

Purchasing one $40 handbag can provide a notebook to 235 students

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Maroon in the Afternoon

Want to spruce up any business casual look? Pair a two piece pant suit with bold accessories for a more charismatic business attire.

- Annette, Creative Director

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TOPS starting at $3

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Get your own limited edition t-shirts created by The Fashion Foundation! These shirts are made from plastic bottles (about 6 bottles per shirt to be exact), are super soft and hand printed in New York! Purchasing one shirt for yourself can provide a clean shirt to five students in need.

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