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We serve students all over New York. We've worked in Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem, the Bronx, Manhattan and Long Island. To date we've impacted over 40,000 children and counting.


Many of the children we serve are in difficult situations and often they don't have the tools they need to start their school day. We provide our students with whatever educational tools they need to flourish in their education.


Your donation will help give students the school supplies they so desperately need. Your generosity puts pencils, notebooks, backpacks, clean uniforms, art supplies, gym equipment and more into the hands of students that need them the most.

Some of the work we've done

Community Closet

We created a Community Closet for an elementary school in Queens! We completely transformed an empty storage room into a fun space, fully stocked with free clothes for the children to take whenever they needed. We painted the room, provided the fixtures and stocked it with an initial 800 pieces of clothing in various styles and sizes so there were plenty of options for the kids. Our goal is to replenish this closet as needed so it is continuosly stocked with these resources.

This Community Closet is a safe space for kids to go to when they need something and not feel embarrassed. It was created to be an inviting, fun, colorful experience so that children for years to come have access to clean clothing.

Nationwide Nominate A Teacher Contest

In 2022, we launched a nationwide campaign for people to nominate a teacher who deserved to win $1,000 in new supplies for their classroom. We had over 500 submissions of deserving teachers around the country! We were blown away by the responses and the inspiring teachers stories, and decided to double our impact and give 10 teachers $1,000 in new supplies.

Brooklyn Library

We filled a school library that had zero books in it with over $10,000 worth of brand new books! Each book was hand selected by a librarian so the library was filled with books for that age group, demographic and location.

What was once an empty school library, now sits a beautiful atmosphere filled with books that students will enjoy for decades to come.

Harlem Playground

We helped turn a playground that was bare and empty to a playground filled with color and joy! We provided playground equipment and created a 300 foot hand painted mural around the perimeter.

We teamed up with the charity, the Animation Project to complete the project and while they hand painted the entire mural, we provided all the art supplies to bring it to life!

Holiday Heroes

In 2019 we launched our Holiday Heroes initiative to provide students with backpacks filled with school supplies, holiday gifts, winter hat, gloves, scarves and more! Our campaign called on our supporters to become Holiday Heroes by donating $20 which would sponsor one student and provide them with a full backpack. Each child got to pick their own backpack and got to pick some additional items, making it extra special!

To date, we've had over 380 people become Holiday Heroes to impact 3,300 children during the holidays!


We never hand a school a check! We work very closely with each school's staff to figure out exactly what their students need. We then buy the supplies and ship them directly to the school. Each school has different needs but we provide students with tools like school supplies, clean uniforms, art supplies, gym equipment and more.

P.S. 001

New York, NY

P.S. 121

Bronx, NY

P.S. 329

Brooklyn, NY

Hamilton Grange Middle School

Harlem, NY

The Spectrum School

New York, NY

P.S.M.S. 108

Harlem, NY

P.S.I.S 156

Brooklyn, NY

I.S. 73

Queens, NY

M.S. 390

Bronx, NY

P.S.I.S 155

Brooklyn, NY

Turtle Hook Middle School

Uniondale, NY

Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce

Harlem, NY

P.S. 231 K

Brooklyn, NY

P.S. 231 K @ 238

Brooklyn, NY

P.S. 169 at 146

Harlem, NY

P.S. 325

Harlem, NY

Vista Academy

Brooklyn, NY

P.S. 154 Jonathan D Hyatt

Bronx, NY

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