Meet The Founder

I always dreamt of being a buyer in the fashion industry and I was on my way to that. I had spent six years in fashion interning for some of the top designers in the world and I was just about to graduate from The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, but I saw this trend happening in the industry. We were constantly throwing samples into the garbage.

Brand new shoes, handbags, bathing suits, you name it. We overproduced products and often times samples ended up being piles on the showroom floor and eventually made it's way into the garbage. I had this "a ha" moment and I decided my senior year at F.I.T I would create a nonprofit that would change the fashion industry.

I went on for my Master's Degree in Public Administration at Baruch College where I learned the fundamentals of staring a nonprofit organization. I knew I wanted to fund the nonprofit by getting designers to donate excess inventory and samples that we could resell. A professor said to me, "you have the fashion side down, now where do you want the money to go". That's when I thought ... education, because there's always schools that need supplies.

That's when my passion for philanthropy and fashion came together and The Fashion Foundation was born. I'm so grateful to say that we've partnered with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry to support our mission. I have hand delivered countless new school supplies to thousands of local New York students. I've witnessed so many memories with our partner schools from sitting in an art class painting with a room full of students to competing in a one on one hula hoop contest at a field day in Brooklyn.

The beauty of The Fashion Foundation is that a little goes a long way. You can buy a $5 shirt on our website and feel good knowing that shirt just provided a new backpack to a student.

Take a stance and get involved, because together we can make a difference .. one designer handbag at a time

xo Amanda